Your domicile in Costa-Rica

The domicile includes a big house (build 2006), an area for guests, a pool (2008), and a garage for two cars, including one Chevrolet pickup!
The wooden house has two floors and is the center of the property with a base area with the size of about 50m². Inside the house there are 3 sleeping rooms and one room for guests. In the base floor there is a living room for guests (including the sleeping room) and an own bathroom. Right next to it is a 25m² big porch which leads to the kitchen for the guests
The main living area is about 100m² big and contains a citchen and an entrance to the big bathroom. Through the living room runs a little river, wich ends in the 11m x 7m sized pool outside. The living are has walls only on thress sides so it has one open front to the garden with the pool in sight.
All rooms are completly painted, furnitured, dekoratet and everything is included in the price so you can start living there from the first day.

The property is connectet to the local street-system and it takes you about 45 minutes by car to the little town Cariari, or you are in about two hours in the capital San Jose.
Even if the property is not right next to the coast (about 5km air line to the next beach, 16km by car) is the rainforest which belongs to the property da good alternative.

There is a 3.5m wall around the whole property, which is rendered and painted from the in- and outside! The roof is covered with tiles.

Your can use the 3 hectar messueing area at your own will. For example you could keep milk cows or even do some farming (fruits or vegetables).